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    About us

    Founded in 2009 by industry veterans, Agam develops and produces innovative, energy-conserving and environmentally friendly cooling, heating and dehumidification systems. Agam’s solutions serve the needs of both the industrial and the agricultural sectors, including greenhouses, indoor cultivation and seed and grain warehouses. Based on patented heat – exchange technology, Agam’s products are highly cost – effective and field proven, saving between 40% and 70% of energy expenses.

    The Team

    Moshe Maroko

    GeneCEO - Reserves Colonel

    Former commander IDF technology unit. Colonel Maroko was twice awarded the “Israel Defense Award”, as well as “Israel Defense Award” citation and “Head of the Israel Military Intelligence Directorate Award for Creative Thinking”. He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Haifa Technion and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

    Dr. Gad Assaf


    PHD physicist who specializes in energy and thermodynamics. Dr. Assaf held the position of senior scientist at the Weizmann Institute and at ‘Ormat’. He holds aprox. 60 international patents and has published more than 40 scientific articles.

    Chaim Edelman

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Worked 14 years as a greenhouses grower & manager of a reproduction greenhouse. 18 years as Agricultural Inputs’ Business Manager, specializing in Thermal screens. Experience in Market development in Europe & East Asia. M.A. IN Middle East & East Asia Studies.

    Mark Portnoi

    Production Engineer

    Experienced  production manager in food industry and ventilation & air conditioning industry with  MSc degree

    Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly

    Leave your details and we will contact you

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