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    About us

    Founded in 2009 by industry veterans with a total of over 75 years of expertise, Agam develops and manufactures innovative, energy-conserving and environmentally friendly dehumidification, heating and cooling systems. Agam’s solutions serve the needs of horticultural and agricultural industries, including nurseries and recently developed medical cannabis industries in greenhouses, indoor cultivation and fixed structures.

    Our aim is to get involved in the planning stage, whether for an upgrade or for a new project built from the ground up. Our engineers are highly experienced in finding the optimal location for our systems in the facility, allowing them to conserve maximal amounts of energy and the project to reduce expenses on wiring and plumbing constructions.

    In 2014 Agam relocated to its current headquarters, a facility in Kiryat Malachi, central Israel, to accommodate the growing demand for our technology and solutions. We build our machines to order, with most orders accommodated within 90 days. All machines are fully assembled and tested prior to leaving the factory, simplifying the installation process.

    Agam’s systems are extremely reliable, due to their simplicity, efficiency, and rigid quality control during their manufacturing process. Some of our units have been in continuous operation with little to no repairs necessary since 2015.

    The Team

    Ofer Spottheim



    Experienced international businessman and economist (BA, Tel Aviv University).

    Inventor of 2 granted patents.

    Former manager of 2 Israeli innovation hubs.

    Expert in 3D printing, medical devices, pharmaceutics, and cannabis.

    Moshe Maroko, Colonel (Ret.)

    President and CTO

    Former commander of a technology unit in the IDF. Colonel Maroko was twice awarded the “Israel Defense Award”, as well as the “Israel Defense Commendation” and the “Head of the Israel Military Intelligence Directorate Award for Creative Thinking”. He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in Haifa and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

    Dr. Gad Assaf (1934-2022)


    A PhD physicist specializing in energy and thermodynamics, Dr. Assaf previously served as a senior scientist at the Weizmann institute and in Ormat.

    Dr. Assaf held the position of senior scientist at the Weizmann Institute and at ‘Ormat’. Prior to his passing in 2022, Dr. Assaf held approximately 60 international patents, and published more than 40 scientific articles.

    Mark Portnoi

    Production Engineer

    Experienced  production manager in the food industry and the ventilation and air conditioning industry with an MSc degree.

    Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly

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