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      Ventilated Latent Heat Converter (VLHC)

      Agam’s revolutionary hygroscopic dehumidification systems provide overall solutions for greenhouses and warehouses in various climate conditions, as well as specific requirements. Besides dehumidification and constant filtration of airborne spores, they provide heating when heating is required, limited cooling when heating is required only part of the time, and cooling when only cooling is required.

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      Dehumidification - The most important factor in successful microclimate growing conditions. Our system keeps the greenhouse environment at a constant relative humidity level that can be adjusted by the user according to the crops' growing protocols.
      Heating - As the primary heater, Agam's system provides necessary heat inside the greenhouse at the desired temperature in over 90% of all hours, even when the exterior temperature drops below freezing point. The system can maintain a temperature difference (ΔT) of 18ºC (24ºF).
      Reduced loss of crops - The passage through desiccant-filled elements cleans the air eliminating any air-borne spores, diseases and insects, solving humidity-related harmful problems, including yield-damaging infections such as botrytis and powdery mildew, thus reducing both crop loss and fungicide expenses.
      Energy saving - Energy costs are reduced by up to 65% due to the low energy consumption utilization, compared to other common climate control systems based on warm air blowers, hot water piping or HVAC compressors.
      Air circulation - The systems’ twin blowers of 11,000 M³ per hour (388,462F³) ensure rapid air circulation at 2 meters (6’6”) per second distributed evenly throughout the space, delivering ample amounts of COշ to entire crop.

      Cutting Edge Technology

      Significantly reducing humidity hazards, diseases, spore population, energy consumption, and usage of chemicals.

      Agam’s systems save up to 65% of energy consumption

      compared to HVAC thermodynamic compressor systems

      A Worldwide Success

      Agam’s systems are already working in more than 10 countries around the world.

      Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly

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