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    Our Technology

    Agam’s Dehumidification systems are UNIQUE, PATENTED, HIGHLY EFFICIENT, hygroscopic systems; their technology is based on many years of Research & Development.

    The systems have been field-tested globally and their efficiency has been proven time and time again.

    Agam’s technology enables air circulation with closed thermal screens & without roof ventilation, providing optimal and uniform humidity & temperature conditions, whilst dramatically reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission.

    Agam’s systems use special hygroscopic brine that enables the conversion of humid air into dry air, reducing humidity-related diseases. Furthermore, as the air passes through the hygroscopic salt solution, airborne spores are reduced. Both conditions prevent the propagation of diseases, improve yield quality, significantly reduce crop loss and save money on fungicides and agrochemicals.


    One unit covers 1,000 square meters. Sometimes one unit would cover a bigge Greenhouse – depending on the plants’ mass and the structure of the greenhouse Such decision will be made following consultation with the company’s engineerin staff.

    Yes. In various countries.

    Electric current of 2.5 kW. – Water heater, supplying water at 850-900C so that the pump would deliver 6 cubic meters of water at a pressure of 10 meters head of water. Total of 40,000 kCal, stable, for each unit.

    For regeneration (re-concentration) of the brine in order to maintain constant concentration level of the brineThe VLHC also has an option of extra heating to maintain the greenhousat the right temperature in mild climate areas.

    Yes, it’s even more cost-effective. However, it is essential to match the heaters’capacitytothenumberofmachines.

    VLHC advantages:

    Large energy savings / $ savings

    Significant reduction in agrochemicals use

    Greater control over Relative Humidity & Temperature – less humidity related diseases, such as Botrytis & Powdery Mildew

    Reduction of crop loss

    Purification & air filtration – removal of airborne spores

    Reduction of CO2 emissions and CO2 enrichment – avoid emissions penalties


    In addition to helping maintain healthy and high-volume yields, the Agam Dehumidifiers also reduce the need for intensive fungicide use – saving money and helping conventional and organic growers conform to local and international regulations. Furthermore, Agam’s Dehumidifiers cost-effectively clean and filter greenhouse air, without expelling costly CO2 -enriched air, thus eliminating the need for ventilation and further reducing expenses. Agam’s patented technology has been successfully used in greenhouses, warehouses and spas for over eight years.

    Agam’s dehumidifiers are divided into two types:

    All the systems take in humid air from inside the greenhouse/warehouse, optionally along with fresh air. They convert water vapor into water and heat, by blowing the air through a matrix of desiccant-filled elements in a compact cooling tower.

    Agam’s VLHC (Ventilated Latent Heat Converter) – In this system, vapor condensation naturally warms up the desiccant; the heat is released by the unit into the greenhouse/warehouse as warm, dry air. The VLHC efficiently converts the latent heat, stored in the water vapor, to usable heat, a welcome by-product in cold-climate greenhouses, thus dramatically reducing energy consumption.

    Optionally, when heating is un-necessary, the VLHC can provide only little heat, or no heat and little night cooling.

    • Recommended coverage area for vegetables 1000 M²
    • Recommended coverage area for flowers 1500 M²
    • Average Energy saving 70 kW

    Agam’s HAC – based on the same technology, the HAC is designed for warmer climate conditions and provides dehumidification, limited night cooling and air filtration

    • Recommended coverage area 150-300 M²
    • Electricity saving up to 50%

    Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly

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